About me and this blog

My name is Jeffrey Kaplan. I live in Biddeford Maine, I moved here in September, 2016 from the NH Seacoast region, due to work. I work in Portland, for a major regional health care system’s IT.

With the election of Donald Trump in November, 2016,  I have become much more involved in politics. Prior to that, I did what I imagine most people who actually vote do, I pay some attention to the candidates, I vote, then I go home for the next couple years. Well, not any more. And this blog is where I intend to post my thoughts on many things.

I am a progressive, liberal Democrat, and if you don’t like that, that is your problem not mine.

I believe in responsible reasonable gun laws. Reasonable responsible gun laws are not inconsistent with the 2nd Amendment. After all, no one argues that personal ownership of a nuclear weapon should be allowed, and that is not expressly forbidden in the Constitution.

I believe that affordable quality health care is a Human Right, and the government has a responsibility to ensure that happens. Including a woman’s own choice on reproductive health in all respects and aspects.

I believe a person’s gender identity and the gender of their intimate partner or partners is none of your or my damn business unless it directly effects me. And since I am not a medical professional, I see no reason why someone’s gender ID would ever effect me at all.